It’s Now or Never. Biden Must Stop Putin’s Beloved Pipeline

Yesterday, NY Times featured a piece from freelance journalist Mark Temnycky regarding President Biden’s meeting with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky today (Tuesday, August 31). Temnycky writes that due to the threatened security of Europe, and Ukraine especially, Zelensky must convince President Biden to walk back his support of Nord Stream 2.

Right after assuming position in the White House, President Biden did two things: expressed support for Russia’s Nord Stream 2 and thwarted America’s own Keystone XL. Biden’s move to allow Nord Stream’s completion was not looked upon highly by many of our European allies who fiercely oppose the project.

When complete, Nord Stream 2 will give Russia the ability to destabilize Europe’s security situation— especially that of Ukraine and Poland. Nord Stream 2 will give Russia a direct route to the heart of Europe, further increasing Europe’s dependence on Russia. If relations were to turn sour, Russia could turn off the flow of gas to Europe, potentially leaving millions of Europeans without critical resources. 

All in all, Temnycky highlights the concerns of being energy dependent on Russia in regards to foreign relations. It looks like the Biden Administration isn’t just working against America’s energy independence, but it’s also working against Ukraine’s, Poland’s, and all of Europe’s. If the current administration’s energy policies keep going in this same debilitating direction, we’ll all be dependent on foreign nations for energy imports here soon.

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