Biden Favors Russian Energy in Meeting with Ukraine

Following our blog from Monday (8/30), President Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met on Wednesday (9/1) to discuss the countries’ relations and high tensions regarding Russian actions. 

President Biden claimed early Wednesday morning on Twitter that the meeting would “reaffirm America’s commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.”

However, President Biden’s position on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 does not suggest so. Ukraine has been frustrated with the Biden administration’s continued support of Russian’s tyrannical energy takeover. Nord Stream 2 places Europe, and Ukraine especially, in an extremely vulnerable, energy-dependent position. 

Following the meeting on Wednesday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz stated in a press release: “The reports from today’s meeting between President Biden and President Zelensky are disheartening. The Biden-Harris administration remains committed to allowing Vladimir Putin to completely his Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The decision is catastrophic on its own terms, a missed opportunity to begin rebuilding America credibility, and a violation of mandates passed into law by congress to impose sanctions on the project.” 

Sen. Cruz continued on, “Solar panels aren’t going to deter Russian aggression. That requires resolute American action aimed at ensuring our allies’ energy security, integrity, and infrastructure, all of which are prerequisites to their— and ultimately our own— national security.” 

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