Biden’s Energy Policies Hurt My Family 

Today, RealClear Energy featured a piece by pipeliner Suzanne Walker of Reagan, Tennessee. Ms. Walker tells her story of her career in pipeline welding and its unfortunate demise under the Biden administration. 

Walker started working on pipelines in 2008 after realizing that her strengths played well into the industry. For the past 13 years, she has worked on projects all across the nation from Pennsylvania to Louisiana and Michigan to Texas. But within his first month in office, President Biden decided to favor foreign pipelines over critical infrastructure projects like the Keystone XL pipeline here at home. Walker was instantly out of a job, with seemingly no hope as Biden continued to discriminate against American energy. 

The timing of Biden’s poor energy policies were less than ideal for Walker, being that she was pregnant with her first child when she was laid off. Trying to provide, Suzanne was left high and dry by Biden’s short-sighted decision to work against American jobs and reliable, affordable homegrown energy. Walker writes, “This past year and a half was supposed to be the most joyful year of my life— not the most stressful. However, President Biden seemed to have other plans for pipeliners like myself.”

Suzanne writes this key passage: 

“During his campaign, Joe Biden promised to be an advocate for middle class families. However, he has instead killed thousands of family-sustaining pipeline jobs. I will most likely have to settle for an entry-level job with entry-level pay here in Tennessee now that there seems to be no realistic options. John Kerry’s empty promise of employing us in solar panel jobs has so far not come to fruition. The Biden administration is putting people like myself out of jobs that are needed now more than ever as we try to recover post-pandemic.” 

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