GAIN Spokesman Craig Stevens: Mainstream Media Embrace Andreas Malm’s Environmental Extremism

Today, the Washington Times published an op-ed by GAIN spokesman Craig Stevens titled “Mainstream media embrace Andreas Malm’s environmental extremism.” In it, Stevens calls out the ‘domestic terrorists’ that are targeting our nation’s pipelines – and the mainstream media outlets that are providing them with a megaphone.

Unfortunately, skewing the facts and spreading misinformation is the new normal. The media coverage following the “People vs. Fossil Fuels” protest in mid-October was no exception; the violence and destruction it caused hardly made a single headline. The fringe activists starting their 5-day protest on Indigenous People’s Day crossed far over the line of “peaceful protesting.” Stevens accounts:

“As demonstrations in recent years have shown, many activists are willing to break the law to stop new projects or advocate for canceling those already operational, like the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Just this month, more than fifty protestors were arrested at the Department of Interior offices in Washington DC after forcibly gaining entry to the building, demanding to speak with Interior Secretary Deb Haaland – who wasn’t even in the District at the time. The unlawful protests left multiple officers injured, and at least one was transported to a nearby hospital.”

More unjustified aggression has come from anti-pipeline activists like Andreas Malm, who has literally written a book titled “How to Blow Up a Pipeline.” And no one is blinking an eye at this malicious call for violence and illegal activity? In Steven’s piece, he goes on to outline Malm’s and other actors’ maligned, unlawful agendas. He ends with this key passage:

“To encourage violence that could jeopardize the physical safety and financial security of these hard-working men and women– not to mention nearby residents and innocent bystanders– is unconscionable. Equally unconscionable are media organizations that provide instigators, like Mr. Malm, a megaphone to spew violent rhetoric and promote unlawful acts. If they continue to do so, they should find themselves sharing the spotlight with Facebook under the glare of the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission.”

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