GAIN Coalition takes on Texas to tour natural gas facilities

This past week, leaders from the Grow America’s Infrastructure Now Coalition took a trip down to Texas to visit Energy Transfer’s Nederland Export Terminal, the second-largest natural gas liquids (NGL) export facility in the world, and NET Power’s Zero Emissions Natural Gas Demonstration Power Plant. Present on the ground was GAIN spokesman Craig Stevens and GAIN’s strategic advisor, retired Major General James “Spider” Marks.

Media outlets such as Inside Sources, The Houston Chronicle, and Beaumont Enterprise covered the tour, reporting “while the technical talk focused on production capacity and job creation, their overall message was the value of domestic energy production in an era of international uncertainty and supply chain disruptions.”

While touring the Nederland Export Terminal, retired Maj. Gen. Marks said that while the facility produces energy, it is simultaneously generating a stronger shield of national security through heightening our national energy resources. “American energy independence is a national security priority,” the Iraq War veteran said.

“The increased production and export of U.S. NGLs and natural gas is key to bolstering American national security, energy independence, and our foreign policy interests at home and abroad,” said GAIN Coalition spokesman Craig Stevens. “Providing reliable, affordable fuels to our allies around the globe supports energy diversification, reduces carbon emissions, and strengthens the U.S. position in international affairs.”

Opponents of increased fossil fuel production argue that the risk from carbon emissions on the climate outweighs other geopolitical concerns. However, with new, innovative technology traditional fossil fuels can become net-neutral in terms of carbon emissions. Therefore, the US must prioritize these carbon-neutral sources of reliable, affordable energy like natural gas while renewables still can’t compete at the same level of effectiveness.

The tour concluded in Texas at the end of last week, and the GAIN Coalition expresses its gratitude to Energy Transfer for opening its doors. Vicki Granado, vice president for communications at Energy Transfer, said this is the first time the company has opened up its doors for a press tour like this.

“We thought it was a good opportunity for people to see what an important asset it is,” she said.

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