Former Energy Secretary Perry: Biden ‘Literally Experimenting With America’s Future’

This past week, CNS News reported on Ex-Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s comments regarding the current state of America’s energy crisis. 

After current Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm asserted that heating prices will rise this winter because of current gas/power prices, Perry has made it known that this could have been avoided. 

Perry leans heavily on the importance of pipelines and the jobs that are brought by such large energy infrastructure pieces like the Keystone XL pipeline. Perry was blunt with his assertions: 

“So I mean, they are doing an experiment on us right now, and this is like a chemistry lab gone bad. They are literally experimenting with America’s future with these crazy ideas of shutting down pipelines because they’re having to address the Green New Deal and the AOCs of the world.”

Perry went on to note that just last year, America was energy independent. “We were exporting for the first time in, I think, 70 years,” he said. “And that’s what President Trump had asked me to do when he made the pitch to come and be in his Cabinet. He said, Perry, I want you to go and do for America what you did for Texas, and that’s exactly what we did.

Projects like Dakota Access, Line 3, and Line 5 are bringing reliable, affordable, accessible energy to Americans throughout the country. Investment in these projects and other critical infrastructure must be prioritized. If not, we’ll go down this experimental road of unstable economics, vulnerable national security, record-breaking inflation, and hopeless job markets.

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