Climate Change Activists, or Hypocrites?

One Michigander is looking to hold climate change activists accountable. Randy Boettjer, of Holland, MI, recently penned a letter in the Holland Sentinel in response to a column authored by two official observers of COP26 in Glasgow.

In his letter, Boettjer calls on climate activists to put their money where their mouth is and cut ties with fossil fuels. But as is made evident through his letter, it is nearly impossible to do so – which is the whole point. Boettjer writes:

Perhaps they could live the next year without using those dirty fossil fuels and come back next year and tell how they did. Of course, they won’t be able to take any more of those plane trips or heat their homes powered by those dirty fossil fuels. No more car trips in fuel-powered cars, or charging their electric vehicles from power plants that use fossil fuels. And they won’t be able to buy solar panels made without fossil fuels as they don’t exist. And of course, they can’t use anything made of plastic from those nasty fossil fuels, that includes phones and computers.

Instead of telling us how we should live our lives, why don’t these climate commandos first invent and prove a way of life that doesn’t depend on fossil fuels for living. Then they can talk about life without fossil fuels. Until then, they’re just hypocrites (do as I say, not as I do). There’s a reason God created this Earth abundant with fossil fuels.

Here’s some climate truth: Besides the regular flights, 118 private jets were used to fly people to and from the climate conference. Why do the attendees feel it’s OK for them to pollute the world, while they demean everyday people for living their lives?

Environment and climate activists should approach these issues with a realistic mindset and pragmatic timeline. While invested in renewables is vital and an “all of the above” energy strategy is key to long-term growth, the reality is that oil and gas will continue to play a critical role in our modern way of life and economy for the foreseeable future.

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