GAIN Coalition Hosts Virtual Panel Discussing Critical Energy Topics, Sen. Kevin Cramer Gives Remarks

This past week, leaders from the Grow America’s Infrastructure Now Coalition met virtually with U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota and other energy and economic experts from across the state. Topics included the Biden administration’s failing energy policies, domestic oil & gas production, the need for increased energy infrastructure, American energy independence, and much more. 

The virtual panel began with remarks from Sen. Cramer, who shared his concerns about the federal government worsening inflation and threatening U.S. energy independence through Biden’s anti-energy policies. Talking about Biden’s call to OPEC to increase production and support the Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2, Sen. Kevin Cramer clearly stated:

“It’s bad for our economy, bad for our security, and bad for our environment.”

Sen. Cramer continued on to vocalize his support for the Dakota Access Pipeline and other energy infrastructure development. When asked about ongoing court cases involving the Dakota Access Pipeline, the senator said that investors in the Bakken should feel comfortable about the pipeline’s progress. In conclusion, Sen. Cramer asserted that fossil fuels will remain useful in years to come as our nation seeks to gain back our energy independence. 

In the next portion of the virtual GAIN panel, industry experts Ron Ness, president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council; Arik Spencer, president and CEO of the Greater North Dakota Chamber; and Ret. Army Major Gen. Spider Marks answered questions moderated by GAIN spokesman Craig Stevens. 

“I think there is no question that the greatest threat to our nation’s energy today is when you wake up every day and the federal government, in all of their actions and steps, want to tax you, want to shut you down, and want to limit your access to capital,” said Ron Ness, North Dakota Petroleum Council president.

The conversation went on to cover topics such as carbon capture projects, North Dakota oil and gas projects, and how the state’s energy sector supports U.S. national security. Gen. Marks asserted that the Biden administration should focus on minimizing vulnerabilities by strengthening U.S. energy capabilities: 

“We’ve learned through the COVID pandemic that we are a very connected, interconnected, interdependent world, almost to a degree of risk,” said Marks. “We have to moderate that risk, we’ve got to be able to maintain our independence.”

Throughout the panel, the reasoning and talking points of each distinguished guest came back to one common consensus: America needs more energy infrastructure and continued development of our natural resources.

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