A world without fossil fuels is a world without prosperity

This past Sunday, the Dallas Morning News published an editorial from Bill Godsey, owner and president of Geo Logic Environmental Services and a former geologist for the Texas Railroad Commission. Godsey wrote on the unrealistic, illogical topic of fossil fuel elimination and how environmental protestors-turned-terrorists have gone too far. 

The People vs. Fossil Fuels Mobilization event that occurred in Washington, D.C., in October quickly escalated to violent events. After causing scenes at both the White House and the United States Capitol Building, protestors even forced their way into the U.S. Department of Interior Building. 

In the chaos, security personnel were injured and at least one law enforcement officer was sent to the hospital from violent actors fighting to get into the department. This was all in the name of ending fracking, banning fossil fuel exports, fighting against fossil fuel infrastructure projects, declaring a climate emergency, and supporting the overall phaseout of fossil fuels. As Godsey wrote, however, “The activists, however, have a myopic view of a world without oil and natural gas that neglects to factor in just how critical these resources are to a functioning society.”

Godsey then turns to the sheer importance of fossil fuels in our society and the reasoning as to why a world without fossil fuels is unrealistic and, frankly, ludacris. Godsey asserts: 

“More than 6,000 products we use daily are either refined, manufactured or both with oil and natural gas liquids, including electronics, cosmetics, paint and even medicine. As we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, it is worth noting that the emergency room treating those patients, and others, contains an estimated 90 products derived from fossil fuels. It becomes much more difficult, if not impossible, to provide lifesaving care without IV tubes, monitors, ventilators and basic supplies like face mask, gloves and soap.”

If the environmentalists were to receive what they’re desiring, the world in front of them would look a lot less rosy than they presume. In his closing remarks, Godsey draws attention to the necessity of reliable, domestic infrastructure like the Dakota Access Pipeline for America’s prosperity: 

“Pipelines like Dakota Access are crucial to maintaining the nation’s energy independence and are the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly method of delivering the energy resources that are not only the basis of essential — and lifesaving — products, but also enable Americans to heat their homes, cook dinner and drive to work. Americans on the East Coast got a taste of life without pipelines when the Colonial cyberattack occurred earlier this year, and it wasn’t pretty. Now imagine the impact on the entire nation if there were no pipelines at all.” 

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