Biden can’t seem to make up his mind, Yes or No to Oil and Gas

This past week, the Washington Times published an editorial by Patrice Douglas, who pushed back on the false narrative that fossil fuels are no longer a vital component of the United States’ energy portfolio in the midst of the Biden administration’s climate agenda.

Even the president is starting to acknowledge the importance of oil and gas in the largest energy transition of the century. Douglas wrote:

“In pushing the President’s climate agenda, the White House and its allies on Capitol Hill have frequently painted a rosy outlook of a future supplied entirely by ‘clean’ energy. However, even Mr. Biden seems to understand that transition is dependent on traditional energy resources, namely oil and natural gas. During the U.N. global climate summit, the President rightly said: ‘The idea we’re going to be able to move to renewable energy overnight [is] just not rational.’”

So why is the current administration still taking hits at the oil and gas industry? Whether it is banning federal leasing or heightening taxes in an already over-taxed sector, President Biden’s actions aren’t matching up with his statement above. The White House’s actions are all over the map and inconsistent, with the headlines seeking to please the far left. Douglas wrote, “The White House’s agenda seems to be more consumed with appeasing far-left environmental activists than advancing an energy strategy that will get us to carbon neutrality.”

Biden’s failing energy policies are leaving Americans with skyrocketing heating bills and gas prices this winter season (not to mention the excessive inflation issue on top of that), while also taking away jobs and opportunities for those in the oil and gas field. If we’re going to transition to a cleaner energy landscape moving forward, oil and gas must be prioritized and supported or else more factors like this will fall.

Douglas ends the editorial with this key passage:

“Mr. Biden deserves credit for his vision to create a cleaner energy future, and even more so for his apparent recognition that fossil fuels are critical to achieving it. However, he needs to build the political courage to stand up to activists and members of his party who are more concerned with punishing fossil fuel producers than stopping climate change. U.S. oil and gas are critical to our clean energy transition. Continually putting up roadblocks to their success won’t accelerate our progress to carbon neutrality — it will only deter it.”

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