EIA: 14 U.S. Petroleum Liquids Pipeline Projects were Completed in 2021

Last week, The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) updated their Liquids Pipeline Projects Database, which is an overview of the pipeline projects that have been completed in the U.S. According to the database, there were 14 petroleum liquids pipelines projects completed in 2021.

Of the 14 completed projects:

  • Six projects were new pipelines.
  • Five projects were expansions of existing systems.
  • Two projects reversed the direction that the commodity flowed on the pipeline.
  • One project was a change in the commodity carried by the pipeline.

The EIA identified three of the projects as particularly “notable completions,” one of which is Energy Transfer’s Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Expansion. Other notable completions include Enbridge’s Line 3 and Line 61, and Marathon Pipe Line’s Capline Reversal project.

The article points out that the DAPL upgrade increases the capacity of barrels per day along the DAPL system by 180,000 barrels. This was made possible by the added horsepower, modifications, and upgrades at pump stations. Running from North Dakota, through South Dakota, Iowa, and ending in Illinois, this pipeline plays a critical role in U.S. energy security and the Midwest’s economy.

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