GAIN Coalition: Disappointed that SCOTUS Didn’t Grant DAPL Review, But Safely Running Pipeline Must be Continued to be Allowed to Operate

Earlier today the Supreme Court chose to not take up an appeal brought by the developers of the Dakota Access Pipeline regarding a lower court’s decision that required a new federal environmental impact study from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps has been working for more than a year to complete its latest review, which is expected this year. The pipeline has been operating safely for more than four years, transporting about 570,000 barrel a day.

Following is a statement you can source to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for Grow America’s Infrastructure Now (the GAIN Coalition):

“We’re disappointed that the Supreme Court did not take this case, which could have provided legal clarity and regulatory certainty to the energy industry –specifically the energy transportation and transmission sector. The developers of the Dakota Access Pipeline followed every rule and regulation to get the line sited and constructed. And the Army Corps itself spent more than two years, originally, studying the project, consulting with Native American tribes, and working with local communities to determine its safety before giving its approval.

“Against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, rising U.S. gas prices, and increased overall energy costs, investing in our nation’s energy supply has never been more important. The Dakota Access Pipeline has been operating safely for more than four years, delivering U.S. crude to refiners for use at home and abroad. The Dakota Access Pipeline serves as a crucial hedge against global supply disruption, so it is critical that the federal government continues to allow the pipeline to operate.”

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