Support Domestic Oil and Gas Production to End Foreign Energy Reliance

The Dallas Morning News published an op-ed this week by former Energy Information Administration administrator Guy Caruso on the pressing need to strengthen American energy production. Caruso asserts that in the wake of Russia’s war in Ukraine, there is a compelling security need to end our reliance on energy from hostile foreign governments. He says long overdue policy goal can be achieved by “supporting safe, responsible oil and gas projects” here at home.

His piece questions the White House’s solution to askforeign countries like Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia, to ramp up oil production as a means to fill our country’s energy needs. This is not the best path forward to becoming energy independent, as Caruso states “leaving the Russian market just to turn to other adversaries around the globe is not how the United States can end its reliance on foreign energy.”

Instead, Caruso offers a series of proposals to address the current energy crisis, such as approving permits for pipelines and other projects, cutting bureaucratic red tape, renewing offshore lease sales, and building the Keystone XL Pipeline. He also makes an excellent case for keeping the Dakota Access Pipeline operational, which is currently undergoing review by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as it safely delivers reliable energy to consumers around the country. Taking these steps, according to him, is a real way to “tap into America’s energy potential.”

Caruso’s piece makes a strong argument that ending our dependence on foreign nations for energy begins with relying on domestic energy production and infrastructure in America. Tapping into domestic oil and gas will ensure the United States is in a position of strength for years to come.

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