GAIN Statement on Federal Gas Tax Suspension

On Wednesday, President Biden asked lawmakers in Congress to pass a three month pause on the federal gasoline tax in order to stabilize prices. The suspension of the federal 18-cent-per-gallon tax would be a “temporary measure” aiming to “provide relief to Americans without harming the road-building projects the tax traditionally funds.”

Below is a statement that can be attributed to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for the GAIN Coalition:

“The Biden Administration continues to misdiagnose the root of the domestic energy crisis, again opting for short-term actions by calling on lawmakers to pass a three-month pause on the federal gas tax. Instead of visiting Saudi Arabia, depleting the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and suspending the federal gas tax, the administration should be addressing energy supply issues. The best way to address these shortcomings is by supporting domestic energy development and infrastructure projects.  

The United States has a wealth of natural resources. Facilitating the U.S.’s ability to be energy independent should be our number one priority. Had President Biden focused on long-term solutions targeting supply concerns instead of short-term political wins, the country’s energy outlook would be much more optimistic. Instead, bad policy continues to harm Americans at the pump and on their electricity bills around the country.”


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