GAIN Spokesman Craig Stevens Discusses Energy Security in Two Radio Appearances

GAIN spokesman Craig Stevens was recently invited to join the Chris Berg Show in Fargo, North Dakota, and the The Scott Voorhees Show in Omaha, Nebraska, to discuss the Biden administration’s failed energy policies. 

On the topic of the Administration announcing another significant release from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve and the President’s claim that the U.S. will be producing one million more barrels a day more than when he took office, Stevens said on the Chris Berg Show, “It’s insulting to the American people. On his first day in office, he says, ‘I’m going to stop Keystone XL.’ He has been opposed to the advancement of U.S. energy development, opposed to the advancement of U.S. energy construction. He ran on it!”

That’s not to say the country should not support the development of solar or wind energy, he notes, but right now “we need oil and gas.” Stevens has firsthand knowledge of misguided energy policies. Living in New Hampshire, he says, “My electricity bills will be double this winter. In large part because we can’t get natural gas up here.”

Speaking on The Scott Voorhees Show, Stevens notes that the U.S. is a resource rich country and yet “some folks are forcing us to not extract” these resources from our grounds. On the topic of the skyrocketing energy costs burdening American families, Stevens said that “President Biden tried to mitigate some of this by tapping our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a reserve that is there for things like hurricanes or embargoes against foreign countries.” 

Voorhees agreed that tapping into the SPR is “a very small band-aid on a very big problem,” especially when the U.S. has the opportunity to be energy independent. With respect to the President’s campaign promises to end the fossil fuel industry, Stevens states, “He has been inhospitable to the industry. If you’re a developer, if you’re a driller, if you’re somebody that has to build a pipeline, you cannot invest in the industry simply because you have no certainty from the U.S. government that they will allow you to progress.”

Regarding the prospects of significant, and expeditious, change taking place if Republicans win in Congress this November, Stevens says “I think most Republicans and most Democrats are supportive of all of the above” but that “we need to find a way to work together to develop our natural resources and actually produce the electricity that we need.”

Stevens hopes that “necessity becomes the mother of commonsense when it comes to U.S. energy policy,” and we certainly hope so too. “The U.S. should very well be a hedge against what [Putin] is doing. We haven’t been, because we’ve diminished our own supply,” he notes. 

To hear more from GAIN spokesman Craig Stevens, listen here: The Chris Berg Show & Vintage Voorhees.

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