In New Video, Pipeline Worker Shares His Perspective on Energy Infrastructure

The GAIN Coalition’s second video with Keystone XL Pipeline worker Neal Crabtree highlights the necessity of pipeline infrastructure. Crabtree, a pipeline worker affiliated with Pipeliners Local Union 798, has more than 25 years of experience in the field, making him an expert in the infrastructure’s construction and benefits to the nation.

In this video, Neal mentions how integral pipelines are to the transportation of energy across the country. Often politicized by the media, pipelines undergo the strictest of regulations and permitting processes in order to be deemed safe and operational. 

Echoing Neal, the GAIN Coalition urges federal and local lawmakers to support these types of necessary energy projects so that the U.S. can insulate itself from the volatility of global energy markets. By ignoring the safest way to transport energy around the nation, the U.S. will only become more reliant on foreign producers, as well as creating local bottlenecks when supply cannot meet demand fast enough.

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