Biden Promises “No More Drilling” Despite Ongoing Energy Supply Crisis

In the midst of an unprecedented energy crisis, President Biden continues to send mixed messages to the American fossil fuel industry. His inability to offer clear and concise, forward-looking policies in the traditional energy sector is making companies question if they should invest their capital into new oil and gas projects. This lack of confidence, coupled with misguided federal policies, continues to exacerbate the ongoing supply challenges facing our country.

For example, yesterday White House staff who handle the President’s twitter account posted online that energy companies should use their capital to “expand supply and lower prices at the pump.” Yes, we all want to increase the supply of domestic energy, but it’s Biden’s own administration that has made it so much more difficult to produce here at home. President Biden has said numerous times that he wants to “end fossil fuels as we know it” and make it impossible to build new energy infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines. 

At the same time, this tweet contradicts what the President himself has been saying on the campaign trail where he speaks off script and extemporaneously. In New York over the weekend, he pledged to end fossil fuels altogether, saying there would be no more drilling on federal land or offshore. After being pressed by an anti-fossil fuel protester in the audience, he said “No more drilling…there is no more drilling.”

The fact that the President is doubling down on banning drilling shows how out of touch he is  from the ongoing energy crisis. The President clearly isn’t pumping his own gas. American voters in today’s midterm election cite the economy and inflation as their top concerns. Wll, much of the inflation we are experiencing is a direct result of high energy costs – a fact that can be reversed if we increase the supply of fossil fuels into the economy.

Our country needs more drilling, not less. The President is hoping to have it both ways when it comes to selling his failed energy agenda: give the impression that he wants to help solve the crisis, but take no tangible steps to make it happen to appease his base. The country, and consumers, will continue to suffer unless his administration’s energy agenda changes course.

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