Biden Knows Best: No More Gas Stoves In Your Kitchen

The Biden administration’s energy agenda has been the subject of much debate and criticism in recent months due to his hostility towards domestically-produced fossil fuels. Now, the climate change hawks in Washington have set a new target in their crusade against nonrenewables: your stove. Believe it or not, President Joe Biden’s consumer watchdog bureau is marching towards a ban on natural gas stoves – a shocking anti-consumer development.

Banning the use of natural gas in consumer appliances is counterproductive in our campaign to fight climate change. It’s important to recognize that natural gas is a clean and efficient source of energy. When used, it produces significantly lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions than other fossil fuels like coal and oil. In fact, the switch from these dirtier fuels to natural gas for the generation of electricity has been credited with making a significant dent in overall carbon emissions in the United States.

But natural gas is about more than just reducing emissions. It is also an affordable and reliable source of energy that plays a critical role in meeting our energy needs. In many parts of the country, natural gas is the primary source of heating and hot water for homes and businesses. Banning gas stoves would not only make it more difficult and expensive for people to heat their homes, but it could also disrupt entire industries that rely on natural gas.

Millions of Americans rely on natural gas, including for cooking and to heat their homes. Not only is natural gas reliable, it is also affordable in a time when Americans are trying to recover from one of the toughest economic years in our history. In short, households that use natural gas for cooking and heating save an average of $847 annually in comparison with those that use electricity. 

The push to ban natural gas stoves ignores the fact that many people simply don’t have the option to switch to electric stoves. It’s out of touch to restrict what products consumers can purchase, especially if it results in an uptick in prices that middle-income households would have to pay. For these people, a ban on natural gas stoves would be a hardship that they are not equipped to handle.

At the same time, banning stoves would put additional pressure on the electrical grid to support widespread electric cooking. 

Instead of banning natural gas stoves, we should be working to make the use of natural gas as clean and efficient as possible through investments in new technologies and infrastructure. The Biden administration’s consideration of a ban on natural gas stoves is misguided and ignores the many benefits and important role that natural gas plays in our energy mix. We need to expand the use of natural gas in our society, not reduce its use.

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