House Republicans’ Energy Legislation Aims to Revitalize American Energy Production and Infrastructure

Today, House Republicans introduced H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, which aims to restore American energy independence. The comprehensive package includes bills approved by the Energy and Commerce Committee, Natural Resources Committee, and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and is focused on increasing American energy production, reforming the permitting process, and boosting U.S. energy infrastructure. 

Below is a statement that can be attributed to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for the GAIN Coalition and former senior advisor to U.S. Energy Secretary Sam Bodman:

“House Republicans’ new energy package takes sweeping action to revitalize American energy production and infrastructure. The legislation focuses on strengthening our energy industry from start to finish, including streamlining the permitting process for building new energy infrastructure, supporting domestic energy production, and encouraging energy exports.

“By designating The Lower Energy Costs Act as HR1, House Republicans have clearly demonstrated that U.S. energy is a priority and that lowering costs and increasing reliability for Americans is critically important.”

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