U.S. House Votes Down Biden’s Extreme Emissions Regulations

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to overturn the proposed emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks put forward by the Biden Administration that were 80% more strict than previous standards.

Since a bipartisan majority in the Senate approved the same measure in April, this legislation is only one presidential signature away from becoming law. Unfortunately, President Biden is expected to veto the bill despite the bipartisan support in Congress.

President Biden is misguided in doubling down on the clearly flawed standards, which will all but force electric vehicles to be adopted far more rapidly than is sustainable for the trucking industry or the country.

There are various concerns with accelerating a transition to electric trucks, which do not yet have the range to replace gas-powered shipping trucks. One or two-day shipping may be a luxury of the past if electric trucks are forced onto roads before EV technology has time to catch up.

Other concerns extend beyond just heavy-duty vehicles to all forms of EVs. Currently, China controls 80% of the supply of critical minerals used to make EV batteries. Smart policies need to be implemented to lessen the stranglehold that China has over the supply chain before we deepen America’s dependence on EVs and, thus, China.

Additionally, the electric grid is not prepared to generate the immense amount of power needed to run over 140 million electric vehicles by 2023 (the target year Biden has set for achieving 50% EVs). This is a reality that the administration has not only ignored but actively worsened by strapping gas-powered power plants with their own set of extremely strict environmental regulations.

No one on either side of the aisle denies that electric vehicles have a major part to play in our future, but rushing the transition will only harm consumers and weaken our national security.

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