Unleashing American Energy Starts with Removing Bureaucratic Red Tape

The U.S. House of Representatives is currently considering H.R. 1130, the Unlocking our Domestic LNG Potential Act of 2023, which will help determine the fate of our nation’s energy future. Throughout the years, bureaucrats have abused their power by codifying excessive red tape into law, resulting in a decline in development and exportation of clean and reliable liquid natural gas (LNG). It’s time energy workers write their own futures, not politicians in DC.

H.R. 1130 directly addresses LNG exportation setbacks with non-FTA nations, expediting the process and fortifying our nation’s position as a global energy leader. With the war in Ukraine, many non-FTA nations have been left vulnerable, as they relied on Russia for their energy supply. To fill their energy gap, many non-FTA countries looked to the U.S. in their time of need. Notably, Germany has recently signed several long-term contacts with U.S. LNG companies, boosting local economies and creating American jobs.

Currently, LNG exports to FTA nations are not subject to additional reviews that exports to non-FTA nations have to endure. This creates a blockage in America’s energy exportation and is another way for politicians to answer the pleas of environmental groups. The administration and the Department of Energy continue to send mixed signals on their energy policy as they reject certain projects, like Energy Transfer’s Lake Charles expansion request, while simultaneously approve others, such as the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

The facts are clear. LNG is a clean burning fuel, helping us reach net-zero goals by transitioning from coal. If the U.S. were to harness the potential of LNG, our nation could be the world’s provider of clean energy, reducing global emissions while generating hundreds of thousands of jobs and revenue back into our local communities. The inaction of modernizing the permitting process could jeopardize our nation’s relationships with our allies who will then look elsewhere for their energy supply, empowering dictators and compromising our national security. Congress needs to realize that our nation’s energy industry is at a breaking point and removal of excessive red tape is essential in securing our future.

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