General Spider Marks: US natural gas exports hold key to global energy security

Major General (Ret.) Spider Marks recently penned an op-ed in the Washington Examiner about a conversation at December’s COP28 that deserved more attention: the important role LNG has for reaching global climate targets. LNG as a climate solution was largely overlooked by attendees despite the fact that it likely holds the key to reducing carbon emissions on a global scale while strengthening our national security and uplifting developing countries speeding towards industrialization.

LNG emits 40 percent less carbon than coal. Exporting it around the world to displace coal use has and will continue to significantly reduce global carbon emissions. Despite this reality, the Biden administration has assembled an LNG export taskforce as an attempt to put an end to delivering our nation’s LNG globally, jeopardizing our international relationships.

Marks writes, “While too many of the climate policies discussed at COP28 could put global energy supply in jeopardy and negatively affect U.S. energy security, investing in natural gas adoption presents a win-win for exporting and importing countries. The administration should embrace LNG exports to bolster U.S. energy security, grow our economy, and lower global emissions. President Joe Biden must set aside misguided plans to block LNG exports in favor of a rushed energy transition that will only leave our economy, national security, and energy security vulnerable.”

When making decisions about our world’s energy future, LNG needs to be considered as a tool we already have in our toolbox. By bolstering LNG production and exports, America could be a leader in the fight against emissions and extend affordable, clean energy to emerging countries. General Marks said it best, “America has the ability to use our country’s gifts for the well-being of the world and become a global leader in the pursuit of reducing emissions — now is the time to use them.”

Read General Spider Marks’ op-ed here: Washington Examiner

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