Biden Runs from Consequences of His Bad Energy Policies 

Today, the Biden administration announced the imminent release of 1 million barrels of gasoline from emergency reserves held in the Northeast, in an attempt to artificially lower gas prices ahead of the November presidential election.

This announcement fits the President’s pattern of depleting strategic reserves in election years. President Biden similarly drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, dropping the stockpile to its lowest level since the 1980s. 

Below is a statement that can be attributed to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for the GAIN Coalition and former senior advisor to U.S. Energy Secretary Sam Bodman:

“Once again, President Biden is using our nation’s emergency oil and gas reserves in an attempt to artificially lower gas prices before the election. The American people are already aware that President Biden’s policies have driven up costs – from food at the grocery store to fuel at the pump. 

“The Biden administration’s assertion that it’s draining Northeast reserves on behalf of American consumers is absurd given that Democrats have consistently blocked pipeline projects in the Northeast. The administration’s entire energy strategy has focused on blocking American energy production and infrastructure projects across the country, ultimately driving up costs for the American people. 

“Simply put, using emergency reserves as a band-aid to lower gas prices doesn’t counteract years of poor energy policy. To lower prices for consumers, the Biden administration must embrace an all-of-the-above approach to energy and drive policies to support U.S. energy production across the board.”

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