Biden Administration Announces Grid Modernization Initiative

This week, the Biden administration announced an initiative modernize the electrical grid over the coming years. The Federal-State Modern Grid Deployment Initiative includes 21 states, all led by Democratic governors, and commits them to prioritize electric grid modernization efforts. While the initiative does not explicitly greenlight certain investments, it “aims to bring together states, federal entities, and power sector stakeholders to help drive grid adaptation quickly and cost-effectively to meet the challenges and opportunities that the power sector faces in the twenty-first century.” 

The modernization effort is important for a couple reasons. The U.S.’ regional grids need substantially more help in deploying new infrastructure in the face of growing electrical demand. While the initiative is promising, it is unfortunate that it only includes certain states. Investments in manufacturing, industrial and data center facilities across the nation will put a substantial strain on grids, and those that already face challenges, such as ERCOT.

The initiative comes in the backdrop of the administration’s ambitious renewable energy deployment goals, which will also add to the demand surge. A significant buildout of electrical transmission lines is in order should the 2035 target be completed. However, if the goals are to be reached, all 50 states in the U.S. will need to cooperate in modernizing grids, especially that service multiple regions. Many grid operators, such as the Independent System Operators (ISO) New England, lack pipeline capacity to efficiently transport necessary fuels to keep costs low. Electrical grids across the U.S. will need to deploy a vast swathe of solutions in order to keep them functioning reliably, not just blue states.

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