With natural gas, America can lead the global effort to reduce emissions

Climate activists have been fiercely speaking out against the natural gas industry. Their efforts have even swayed the current administration, with Biden pausing U.S. exports of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) this past January. Ironically, these activists may be doing more harm than good in the fight to reduce global emissions.

Some environmental groups are beginning to recognize this fact. The American Conservation Coalition (ACC) recently visited LNG facilities in northeastern Pennsylvania, and their learnings show how the American natural gas industry is not just providing Americans with clean, affordable, and reliable energy, but also helping the United States become a leader in reducing carbon emissions worldwide. This is because natural gas produces about half the ghg (greenhouse gas) emissions as coal when burned for electricity. In Pennsylvania, the ACC found that ghg emissions decreased by more than 40% between 2005 and 2020 as natural gas production in the state grew. By investing in natural gas, America can reduce its carbon footprint while continuing to provide reliable energy to all Americans at a reasonable price.

The ACC also found that these LNG facilities are utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure the production of natural gas is efficient and safe. These developments include advanced technologies that reduce the amount of land needed for drilling and precise monitoring equipment to minimize the risk of accidents. LNG producers are constantly improving their methods to ensure natural gas facilities remain safe and environmentally friendly.

Natural gas has been central to America’s recent emissions reductions, but the Biden administration’s pause on LNG exports will hamper this progress in nations that are still transitioning away from coal, wood, and biomass. By pausing LNG exports, Biden has not only forgone the economic benefits to America but has also increased reliance on environmentally damaging fossil fuels like coal. Everyone benefits from U.S. LNG exports, but with the current pause, no one will see those benefits.

If America wants to work towards reducing carbon emissions globally—not just here at home—then this administration needs to be supporting the natural gas export industry rather than getting in its way. By building up natural gas exports, the United States can continue to lead by example in the fight against emissions.

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