New Goethals Bridge in New Jersey shows success of public-private partnerships

The highly anticipated new Goethals bridge is set to open in stages this weekend, replacing the old bridge, which first opened in 1928 and connected New Jersey and Staten Island for nearly a century.

“This is the first major, new bridge erected in New Jersey in decades and it was long overdue, as anyone who navigated the old Goethals Bridge can attest,” Gov. Chris Christie said in a statement.

This is the first new Port Authority bridge erected since the 1930s, a clear example of the decline our nation’s infrastructure has suffered. The old Goethals bridge was a dangerous relic, with traffic lanes originally designed in the 1920’s for a long retired generation of automobiles. Projects like this have been long overdue, and are often unable to acquire sufficient funding from the public sector alone.

The new bridge was accomplished using a public-private partnership for both funding and construction, which Governor Christie said resulted in a “swifter project completion than had we relied solely on the public sector.”

This public-private partnership is a wonderful framework for the future of American infrastructure.  Through such agreements we will be able to both repair and build crumbling roads, bridges, and waterways, creating thousands of jobs in the process.

A second Goethals bridge is currently under construction and is set to be completed in 2018.

GAIN Commends President Trump’s Trip to Ohio to Discuss Infrastructure

Washington, D.C. – President Trump is expected to visit the Cincinnati area tomorrow to discuss the need for a major investment in our nation’s infrastructure.  This is part of his effort to promote $1 trillion in public and private infrastructure development. The members of the GAIN Coalition (Grow America’s Infrastructure Now) applaud the President’s vision to make America stronger by investing in upgrading our nation’s infrastructure.

“We applaud President Trump’s vision to  encourage investment in our nation’s infrastructure that will enhance our country’s productivity, create thousands of jobs, and unleash the potential of the American economy.  Today in Ohio there are thousands of people working on energy, telecom, water, and highway infrastructure projects – this should just be the start,” said GAIN Coalition spokesman Craig Stevens. “There are hundreds of projects in Ohio and across the country in dire need of upgrades or replacements. Successful large scale infrastructure projects are the result of private and public financing and a regulatory system that provides certainty to those individuals and companies that are willing to risk their capital.  We look forward to working with President Trump and others to support his $1 Trillion infrastructure investment goal.”


About GAIN: Grow America’s Infrastructure Now is a diverse coalition of businesses, trade associations, and labor groups that share a vested interest in creating jobs and strengthening our nation’s economy through infrastructure development.