Farmers Gain From High Speed Internet

Access to the internet has improved the lives of millions of people. Not only does it connect the entire world, but it also affords a tremendous amount of opportunity for people who may otherwise not have access to higher quality education, libraries, or other resources. Businesses can better reach their customers, children and young adults can go to school and better themselves through education. Sadly, there are millions of Americans who are without access to high speed internet, putting them at a disadvantage that could be remedied with proper investments in broadband infrastructure.

Farmers in particular are hit hard by their inability to access the internet. It can affect both their ability to produce, and their ability to sell. Today’s farming technology is state of the art, using intricate systems to monitor livestock and crops. Proper access to the internet can harm the efficiency of farming technology, and it isolates farmers by cutting them off from potential business partners or customers.

There are efforts being made to bring rural broadband to every single American, and the GAIN coalition proudly supports these efforts. Internet access is quickly becoming a necessity, and ensuring that everyone is afforded the same level of access is an important step toward modernizing our infrastructure, and leveling the playing field nationwide.

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