Oklahoma To Invest Nearly $1 Billion in Roads and Bridges

America’s infrastructure is thankfully in the spotlight, and we continue to move forward with repairs and improvements that benefit millions of Americans all across the country. Earlier this month, the Oklahoma Transportation commission approved a work plan that would vastly improve their infrastructure – with a specific focus on roads and bridges throughout the State.

Administered by the state Department of Transportation, Oklahoma is set to combine federal, state, local, and tribal funds to go towards improving county roads and bridges. In total, the project will invest close to a billion dollars — $926 million – in Oklahoma’s infrastructure, a remarkable focus on an area of our country that needs attention now more than ever.

Nearly 400 bridges will be either replaced or repaired as Oklahoma moves to improve their infrastructure, and hundreds of miles of county roads – at least 800 miles – will be improved as well. These repairs and improvements are set to occur over the next five years, marking an incredible dedication to improving the infrastructure of Oklahoma, and setting a great example for other States, and the country, to follow.

The GAIN coalition is excited that improving America’s infrastructure is becoming more and more of a focus on States and communities across the country, and we’re thrilled that Oklahoma is taking such an important step towards a better future for their roads and bridges. We hope to see greater attention come to our infrastructure yet, and that roads and bridges all across the country will improved soon.

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