Bayou Bridge Pipeline: Lets focus on the facts

GAIN Advisor Colonel Tom Magness (retired) recently wrote a letter published in The Daily Iberian regarding the dissemination of misinformation on the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. He underscores the false allegations of environmental activists and their vigilante tactics, including blocking construction and vandalizing equipment. Col. Magness argues that the project was carefully reviewed and the necessary safety measures are in place. As he states:

“The environmental review process performed by the Corps is extremely rigorous. Career professionals carefully evaluated the pipeline’s path and considered all possible ways to avoid all potential environmental impacts. They meticulously reviewed construction techniques. Final plans by the company developing the project also included detailed plans to restore any environmental disruption back to its original state. Ultimately, the Corps found that the project would result in no significant impacts to the environment or to local communities.”

In addition to the questionable tactics of protesting activists, local judiciaries have even stepped in to slowdown construction. Col. Magness highlights a local judge in Louisiana ignoring facts of the case and undermining the regulatory process and implementing unnecessary oversight. This bureaucratic overreach is not unique; projects around the country, including the Mariner East pipeline, have experienced similar orders from administrative judges.

Environmental protection remains a top priority during the construction of Bayou Bridge. We look forward to the safe and successful completion of the pipeline and its contribution to our critical energy infrastructure!


To read the full letter, click here

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