GAIN Coalition Supports President Trump’s Balanced Approach to Environmental Stewardship

Earlier this afternoon, President Trump delivered remarks highlighting his administration’s commitment to a reasonable approach to environmental conservation while simultaneously promoting economic growth and energy security. Developing sustainable energy solutions is important, but switching entirely to renewables is simply not possible as wind and solar only make up about 8% of our electricity generation, while natural gas produces 35%.

Following is a statement that you can attribute to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for the GAIN Coalition:

“The GAIN Coalition applauds President Trump’s efforts prioritizing a pragmatic approach to environmental stewardship. With modern technology and an abundance of domestic resources, energy development and environmental conservation should not be considered mutually exclusive.  As the U.S. electric power sector continues to use more natural gas for generation, we’ve seen C02 emissions decline sharply in recent years.  Wind and solar continue to steal the headlines, but can only meet about 8% of our nation’s electricity needs, while fossil fuels – especially natural gas – remain the workhorse of our nation’s power generation.  President Trump’s commonsense commitment  to further develop our nation’s energy resources and strengthen our infrastructure network is key to fueling the U.S. economy and meeting the growing energy needs of Americans and our allies around the globe.”

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