Shell’s new cracker plant sets a great example for future energy projects

The Tribune-Review published an opinion editorial by Bill Godsey, owner and president of Geo Logic Environmental Services and a former geologist for the Texas Railroad Commission.  Godsey highlighted President Trump’s recent visit to Royal Dutch Shell’s ethane cracker plant in Western Pennsylvania noting that production of the state’s natural gas resources is booming and over the past ten years, has increased “more than thirty-fold”. Godsey wrote:

“Second only to Texas, Pennsylvania produced more than 18 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas through the first half of this year, or about 20% of total U.S. supply. That extraordinary output has been good for the state’s consumers, more than half of whom rely on gas as their primary heating fuel. And, as it turns out, it’s not bad for attracting business either.”

Godsey then touted the benefits that will come from the multibillion-dollar plant. The Shell facility created about 6,000 construction jobs and when completed, it will establish another 600 permanent positions. Cracker plants and LNG facilities are popping up around the country and while they are extremely beneficial for the economy and the job market, some people are not supportive. He notes:

“These activists fail to acknowledge the success of shale energy and emerging technologies in reducing our environmental footprint while simultaneously allowing us to safely retrieve vital energy resources. Between 2005 and 2017, the United States cut CO2 emissions by 14%. During the same time, oil and natural gas production increased more than 80% and 50%, respectively.”

The Shell ethane plant is a great example of what projects we need to invest in as a country to promote more infrastructure development and ensure energy security. Opponents are naïve to think renewables can produce enough electricity to do the job oil and natural gas do now. They should focus on the positives that come from producing, refining, and transporting these energy resources. 

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