GAIN Calls for Realistic Energy Solutions at Tonight’s Debate

Good morning –

Ten presidential hopefuls will participate in the Democratic debate in Houston tonight. Many of the candidates have already staked out anti-energy positions that would weaken our nation’s energy security and wreak havoc on our economy. 

Important facts to note:

  1. According to the EIA, natural gas is currently the feedstock for more than 35% of the U.S.’s electricity and coal remains a critical component of our nation’s energy security providing 24% of our electricity, while non-hydro renewables (including wind and solar) account for about 11.5% of generation. 
  2. Nearly 92% of our nation’s transportation sector is powered by petroleum.  Less than 1% is electric. 
  3. About 4.5% of the American workforce (6.7 million people) are employed in the energy sector.

Here is a statement from the GAIN Coalition.  You can attribute it to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for the coalition:

“Unfortunately many of the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination have been tripping over each other in a race to the Left articulating energy policies that would doom our economy and weaken our national security. Some have threatened to stop the construction of energy projects and even shutdown safely operating energy pipelines.

“Others, like Sen. Booker, have even gone so far as to support banning exports of U.S. energy resources – sentencing developing nations to third world status and dealing a stronger hand to our adversaries including President Rouhani and President Putin. 

“Let’s hope that tonight is the start of something new, when commonsense policies are discussed and American voters can have the assurance that a Democratic president would hold our nation’s economy and security above fringe environmental policies.”

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