National Poll Finds Strong Support for Oil and Gas Pipelines

Washington, D.C.― Nearly 90 percent of Americans believe the United States should reduce its reliance on foreign energy sources and nearly three-quarters support oil and natural gas transport via pipeline, according to a recent nationwide poll commissioned by the GAIN Coalition. This overwhelming show of support for American energy and infrastructure also includes the majority of Democrats polled, indicating strong bipartisan support for commonsense energy and infrastructure policy.

 “A majority of Americans recognize the critical role of the continued development of American energy resources and the importance of modern pipelines in safely and efficiently getting fuels to consumer markets,” said GAIN spokesman Craig Stevens. “It is also clear that a majority of Americans support pipelines for oil and gas transport compared to the alternatives of train and truck – for their cost, environmental, and safety benefits.”

By a margin of more than 3-to-1, Americans believe pipelines are the best option to transport oil and gas compared to the alternatives of truck and train, both of which present additional risk, wear and tear on our roads and communities, and produce higher levels of carbon emissions.

While the Dakota Access Pipeline – which transports up to 570,000 bpd of Bakken crude from North Dakota to Illinois – has withstood scrutiny and numerous legal challenges, anti-energy extremists continue to call for its shutdown, 64 percent of respondents recognize the importance of and agree DAPL should continue serving American energy consumers. Support rises among North Dakota residents, with nearly 80 percent in favor of DAPL’s continued operation.

“Most Americans agree that the Dakota Access Pipeline is a crucial component of our nation’s energy infrastructure network, and is the best method of safely transporting Bakken crude to refineries and consumer markets,” said Stevens. “Unfortunately, a small – but vocal – minority plays an outsized role in the discussion over the development and use of U.S. fossil fuels, making it all the more important that policymakers and regulators remain apolitical, focusing on the economic and strategic of the world in which we live.”

With a renewed focus on infrastructure in America, nationally-recognized pollster co/efficent conducted the survey to help gauge public opinion regarding American energy development and our nation’s energy infrastructure network, specifically the Dakota Access Pipeline, which has unfortunately been politicized during its construction and over its four years of safe operation.

“The results from this poll are clear and positive. Both Democrats and Republicans widely support strengthening American energy capabilities and lessening our reliance on foreign energy sources, while bolstering investment in energy infrastructure like the Dakota Access Pipeline,” said pollster Ryan Munce, President of co/Efficient. “Bottom line, our polling found that the majority of Americans recognize the economic and safety benefits of pipeline infrastructure and the critical role of DAPL.”

As these numbers reflect, Americans count on reliable, affordable energy. The common themes of American energy development and pipeline support rest on the pillars of cost, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. Both backed by fact and the majority opinion in this poll, pipelines remain the safest, most cost-effective method to continue supplying consumers with affordable American energy.


The mobile text response and automated landline interviews were conducted May 17-21, 2021, with 2,782 likely general election voters and a margin of error of +/- 1.86%. This set of polls was sponsored by the GAIN Coalition. For more information about the GAIN Coalition, follow the Coalition on Twitter (@GainNowAmerica) and Facebook or visit

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