Beyond Hypocrisy: Billionaires’ Private Jets are ‘Part of the Solution’

Bill Gates says, “we need to transform the way we do almost everything,” to combat climate change. But what exactly does he mean? To begin with, Gates does not actually mean ‘we,’ instead, he means you. 

The GAIN Coalition is committed to calling out the hypocrisy of the billionaires who tell you how to live. In our second video, GAIN has illustrated the billionaire climate change hawks, such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, who believe they are ‘part of the solution,’ despite relying on private jets and super yachts to travel. These hypocrites would rather force you to change your daily habits than give up the luxuries that prove their actions do not meet their promises. 

The video highlights that Michael Bloomberg’s private jets took more than 1,700 trips, emitting at least 10,000 metric tons of CO2 in the past four years. For the UN’s 2021 climate change conference, COP26, 118 private jets transported leaders from across the globe to the conference, burning over 1,000 tons of CO2 en-route to a meeting that was supposed to focus on how to burn less CO2.

As our first video illustrated, billionaires like Michael Bloomberg fund expansive campaigns that villainize American industries that many rely on, even Bloomberg himself! Waging war on fossil fuels and petrochemicals would not stop their production and use around the world—just in the U.S. where we would be forced to outsource energy security and jobs to places like China.

In this second video, noted climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio has funded climate nuisance lawsuits across the U.S., all the while traveling on his super yachts and private jets from vacation to vacation. The disconnect between these billionaires’ words and their actions speaks volumes, and the American people are becoming more and more aware that they are beyond hypocritical.

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