Al Wynn: An All-of-the-Above Strategy Promotes Energy Security

America is producing a lot of energy and has the potential to produce even more with regards to both renewables and traditional fossil fuels. Former Maryland Congressman Al Wynn (D-MD) is optimistic about our nation’s ability to be self-sufficient energy wise, both through our abundant natural gas and oil resources, but also because of the renewable energy’s progress.

Speaking with the GAIN coalition, Wynn differentiated between the ability to produce energy, and what exactly that energy costs. He said, “In terms of energy security, I think one of the biggest issues is cost.” While wealthier, upper middle-class people may not feel the economic effects of an energy transition, every day, hardworking low-income people, and families will be hit the hardest by any increase in energy prices. While recent inflation has cooled off a bit, one of the first areas to experience inflation is energy costs, as illustrated by last summer’s significant rise in gasoline prices.

Wynn notes, “if we do not manage our energy mix effectively and efficiently, we end up with higher costs.” In that vein, an all-of-the-above approach to our energy production and consumption is a necessity. At the same time, our allies have come to rely on American liquid natural gas exports due to their reliance on Russian energy. If we were to wholly ignore the fossil fuel industry in this country in favor of a pure transition to renewables, we would be endangering both our domestic and allies’ national security.

Watch Al Wynn’s video here: Energy Security in the U.S. and Abroad.

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