Biden Administration Set to Rollback Tailpipe Emissions Rule

The New York Times recently reported that the Biden administration is likely to scale down its aggressive tailpipe emissions rule that would effectively force the rapid transition to electric vehicles (EV). While clouded by transparent political motives to garner votes from automakers and labor unions, this decision is a hopeful sign that the Biden administration is willing to listen to energy experts – and the market – to reverse course on problematic energy policy.

The previously proposed rule would heavily restrict emissions for light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, aiming to drive the electrification of our nation’s main source of transportation. The administration’s original goal was to have 67% of EV sales by 2032. The rule immediately faced pushback from the manufacturing and auto industries, as well as energy experts, who warned of increased costs for manufacturers and consumers, as well as concerns about the reliability of EVs and potential strains on the power grid.

In addition to the national concerns, the rapid electrification of vehicles could lead to dependence on China, which has a majority ownership of the rare minerals essential in making EVs. This would give China undue power over our transportation and put our national security at risk.

Now, two years later, President Biden has reportedly is taking steps to rein in EV targets. A move that mirrors actions in other industrialized nations. European nations like Germany, for example, have recently ended their EV subsidies, resulting in an expected 200,000 fewer sales by 2024.

Although reining in EPA tailpipe emissions standards may just be another political play by the administration, it is a step forward in creating sound energy policy, rather than adopting a radical environmentalist agenda that could cause grave consequences for our economy, our nation’s power grid and our national security. Hopefully, the administration will see that policies that sustainably and effectively reduce emissions and support infrastructure throughout the nation create true progress without burdening Americans.

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