Biden Administration Targets Offshore Oil and Gas

Last week, the Biden Administration issued new restrictions for boats traveling in the Gulf of Mexico under the guise of protecting an endangered whale species. However, this is another way the administration is trying to hinder the growth and progress of the oil and gas industry.

The new restrictions would prevent boats carrying offshore oil and gas from transporting essential energy to our nation and our allies due to speed limits along a vast protection zone that encapsulates almost the entire Gulf.

There has been no scientific evidence showing that these provisions will help protect whales and other wildlife. And by singling out offshore vessels, this proposal is exposed as a covert attack on traditional energy sources. What the Biden administration fails to recognize is that this proposal could jeopardize our nation’s energy security and will burden consumers with high prices during a period of high inflation.

The Gulf is home to 15 percent of our nation’s total crude oil production and 5 percent of our natural gas production. Transporting this energy effectively is vital to America’s energy independence and prosperity.

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