Radical Enviros’ Pleas to Halt Fossil Fuels Would Be Detrimental

In September, activists demanded President Biden completely halt oil and gas production and exports in the U.S., and immediately transition to renewable energy. This misguided outcry for a rapid phaseout of traditional fuels overlooks the complexities of the energy industry and its integral role in our society. Instead of hamstringing the oil and gas that the world depends on, our nation should uplift all types of energy production and continue to boost our status as a global energy leader.

A recent article published by the Washington Post detailed the reality of an immediate switch to renewables would present. For one, our electric grid would be compromised, causing widespread blackouts. Even in countries that mainly run on renewables, fossil fuels are used to provide power in case of emergency. If oil extraction and production were to subside, our reserves would only last our country just 17 days at our current consumption rates, leaving our nation vulnerable.

These dangerous notions of rapidly ending energy made from oil and gas have real consequences, and it’s time to stop pushing extreme narratives that are erroneous and harmful and instead focus on long-term solutions that will lower emissions while protecting our nation’s energy security. When looking to the future, instead of cutting our energy production and supply, we should bolster all types to secure our nation for the long run.  

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