Brigham A. McCown: Biden’s Energy Rhetoric Doesn’t Reflect Reality

In a recent op-ed published in the Washington Times, Brigham A. McCown, a Hudson Institute senior fellow and Miami University professor, outlined the Biden administration’s erratic and half-baked energy policy that continues to burden Americans and jeopardizes our nation’s energy security.

Throughout Biden’s time in office, his administration has attempted to bypass congress by issuing several executive orders to aid in the rushed transition to renewables. Some concerning initiatives by the administration include a rule that would effectively shut down all coal or gas power-plants, permitting delays of carbon capture technology and most notably, a de facto electric vehicle mandate. All of these regulations and executive orders have been contributing to energy instability, skyrocketing prices for American consumers.

McCown writes, “Championing a rapid transition to all renewable energy, his administration, which promised to govern from the center, quickly departed from that assurance by embracing a whole-of-government approach to climate consciousness that made European progressives blush.”

The Biden administration’s energy policy could be detrimental to our nation’s energy future by pushing for renewables without supporting energy infrastructure to provide a solid foundation that protect energy reliability. It’s time for the administration to consider all factors, instead of answering the pleas from radical environmental groups. By supporting an all-of-the-above energy policy, the U.S. can support the development of new energy sources and reduce emissions while securing our energy future for the long run.

Read Brigham A. McCown’s op-ed here: Washington Times

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