U.S. October LNG Exports Show a Promising Future

October has proved to be a remarkable month for U.S. LNG, with 7.92 million metric tons exported, a record high since April. In the first half of 2023, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that the U.S. became the world’s largest exporter of LNG ahead of long-time industry leaders Qatar and Australia, setting new standards for the global energy market. The development of the LNG industry has been vital in driving investment in our local communities, supporting allies, and strengthening our national security.

Due to plant maintenance in September, the U.S. had lower levels of exports, but once operations recommenced, the LNG industry bounced back, almost breaking April’s record of 8.01 million metric tons. And this is just the start of U.S. LNG’s potential. In the next year, two export plants are poised to begin production and add 38 million tons per annum (MPTA) to our nation’s yearly output.

Gulf states can be directly credited with the expansion and development of the LNG industry. Having both favorable geological and geographical features, the Gulf States—specifically Louisiana and Texas—continue to exceed expectations and boost our nation’s profile as a global energy leader. This makes the region a hub for international exports, delivering dependable energy to our allies around the world.

The benefits of the LNG industry in the U.S. cannot only be seen abroad but also here in the States. LNG projects have provided tens of thousands of jobs for hard-working Americans, and the projects have contributed millions of dollars in tax revenue. That state revenue is used for essential services like schools, healthcare, infrastructure, and law enforcement. The U.S. LNG market continues to break records and is a significant contributor to our nation’s energy industry and overall economy.

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