Biden’s War on Energy Could Leave Power Grid Vulnerable This Winter

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) recently released its Winter Reliability Assessment, warning that the Biden administration’s war on energy could cause significant blackouts this winter. NERC attributed the increased risk of blackouts to rising demand, low output from regional power generation, and fuel delivery challenges. The U.S. is facing real consequences of a forced and rapid transition to green-energy reliance, increasing costs for Americans and jeopardizing essential power during the winter months.

The Winter Reliability Assessment points to President Biden’s green energy policies as one of the top threats—the first time the organization, in its 55-year history, has claimed that an administration poses real problems to the viability of our power grid. Specifically, NERC outlines the strain electric vehicles have on the grid, a decrease of power generation due to closures of coal and gas-fire power plants and permitting delays that curtail the development of new energy projects as contributors to the vulnerability of our nation’s grid.

NERC detailed specific concerns with the administration’s power plant rule, deeming the proposal unfeasible, as it relies on unproven technologies and unrealistic timelines to push forward the transition to renewable energy, effectively hindering electric reliability and affordable power for Americans. The grid is already in desperate need of support and infrastructure repairs, and these efforts to rapidly phaseout traditional fuels will leave Americans vulnerable.

These efforts by the Biden administration could pose real ramifications for Americans, who are already grappling with the effects of inflation and high energy prices. The administration is simultaneously undercutting the needs of the grid through the depletion of traditional energy, while doubling down on de-facto mandates for electric vehicles that induce an increased strain on our nation’s power system. The administration must consider the immediate consequences of a jeopardized power grid and reign in its egregious energy plan.

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