Governor Rick Perry: America’s enemies are hoping we ‘go green’

Following the aftermath of President Biden’s poor energy policies, former Secretary of Energy and Texas Governor Rick Perry penned an op-ed detailing foreign involvement in U.S.-based climate groups. Recently, a group tied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was exposed for pouring funds into American climate advocacy groups, who are pushing for a U.S. transition to electric vehicles, a big win for China. While these tactics are not new, Biden’s decisions continue to echo the clear misconceptions and foreign influences throughout these groups, weakening our national security.

The revelations of Chinese money funding U.S. climate advocacy groups should come as no surprise. China is trying to adopt a similar strategy through the push to electric vehicles as the country owns the majority of the rare minerals as well as Chinese companies are planning on expanding their operations and establishing new factories. Perry notes this, writing, “China is eyeing the lucrative US electric car market and sees the advantages of the rushed transition liberal climate activists are demanding.”

The administration is also implementing energy policies that help Russia’s bottom-line. The administration recently announced that it will delay liquefied natural gas (LNG) export permits pending analysis on climate and local community impacts. This decision jeopardizes our nation’s relationship with our allies, as well as their energy supply, and may force countries to once again depend on Russian oil and gas. Domestically, the administration’s hostility towards energy development will kill American jobs and hinder our national and local economies, particularly in the Gulf states that depend on these projects for their livelihoods. Perry writes, “This move will bail out Putin’s fledgling economy, while devastating the US LNG industry and thousands of Americans employed by the sector.”

It’s clear that Biden continues to cave to calls from environmental advocates who are pushing a foreign adversary’s agenda. These decisions have consequences, impacting our relationships with our allies, and have the capacity to exacerbate the global energy crisis. If the administration truly seeks to transition the grid, and energy consumption towards green technologies, then the transition must enrich Americans, not our foreign adversaries. An all-of-the-above approach to energy production, consumption and transportation will only work in the long term if Americans are the ones facilitating it, not China or Russia.

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