Trump Administration starts national dialogue on infrastructure

President Trump welcomed officials from across the nation at the White House last Thursday, June 8th to discuss the need to begin a national dialogue on repairing the state of America’s decaying infrastructure. The President discussed the punishingly burdensome regulations that prevent projects from receiving permits required to begin construction. He also reiterated his goal to reduce permit wait times from ten years or more, to two years or fewer through removing these needless roadblocks.

Vice President Pence lauded the bipartisan attendance and support for infrastructure reform. Eight Governors, eleven mayors, five county commissioners, two tribal leaders, and two agriculture commissioners were present. With support on both sides of the aisle, the long neglected roads, railways and bridges of America should finally receive the attention they deserve, and the President’s push is a tremendous step in that direction.

The GAIN Coalition is eager to see the Trump Administration’s efforts to begin the  important process of involving the entire country in its infrastructure plan. Crafting a national consensus on the need to revamp and repair crumbled American bridges, roads and more puts the country in a position to prosper and grow.  A commitment that crosses state boundaries is paramount to improving the status of infrastructure in our country.

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