Infrastructure is the key to boosting Midwest America

It’s easy to talk about getting everyone to work and employing full union halls at living wages. For one state, Ohio, this has become a reality, as the demand for skilled labor has skyrocketed in recent months. The newfound demand for labor has created an economy that benefits American workers, and improves the quality of life that they and their families enjoy.

This increase in jobs is a result of large, direct investments in local infrastructure. Infrastructure investments, both from private and public sources, are beneficial to everyone involved. They create more jobs, improve local economies, and improve the quality of life. This is a perfect example of why infrastructure needs to be a priority moving forward, and why more funding needs to be brought in from all sectors.

In Ohio alone, thousands of jobs have been created already from a multitude infrastructure projects in construction, energy, and transportation. One pipeline project alone, the Rover Pipeline, has created an estimated 6,500 jobs in Ohio. Millions of dollars have poured back into local economies, boosting areas that have largely been left behind.

Moving money towards infrastructure projects is an action that can benefit everyone. The GAIN Coalition is proud to see the great benefits that Ohio has been enjoying, and we hope this is seen as an example for what can be done across the country. Midwestern communities are the heartland of America, and it’s clear that investing in their infrastructure is an investment in our country as whole. We hope to see greater funding allocated for these projects, and we look forward to the improved lives that Americans will enjoy as a result.

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