New Poll Reveals General Public In Favor of Pipelines

Pipelines play a critical role in safely and efficiently transporting oil and gas for consumer use, and most Americans agree. A recent poll conducted by the Wakefield Research on behalf of the Association of Oil Pipe Lines found the general public consensus around oil pipelines were largely favorable, revealing the popularity of pipelines has increased over the past two years despite negative media coverage of projects.

Nearly 70% of respondents said their “current impression” of oil pipelines was positive. The poll also found that 68% of people were only willing to spend $50 or less per month on “higher energy fees” to reduce climate change – with only 3% of individuals willing to pay $250 or more to support climate change efforts. Notably, interviewees were in favor of measures that avoid increased energy costs.

Pipelines are a safe, reliable form of oil and gas transit. Not only are pipelines safer for transporting oil and gas than rail or truck, but they are far cleaner as pipelines are able to transport a large capacity of product in a short time span, emitting minimal emissions. In addition, pipelines take up a small surface footprint and are typically placed away from highly-populated areas. It is not difficult to see why most energy consumers have a favorable perception of pipelines.

Pipeline infrastructure projects are a cornerstone to the U.S. energy sector and economy, as noted by Pipelines for America:

“Experts predict that oil and natural gas infrastructure will lead to an investment of nearly $46 billion dollars for energy consumers in the United States over the next 25 years as the industry builds out nearly 1,300 miles of new pipeline.”

Not to mention, new pipeline projects provide thousands of new construction and engineering jobs to support the U.S. workforce. While the Biden Administration has pushed out policies in opposition to pipeline projects, it is clear the American people continue to see the value in them.

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