Pipeline 101: The Benefits of Pipelines

Interested in learning more about pipelines and the important role they play in the energy industry? You’ve come to the right place! This clip is the first of five short videos in the series “Pipeline 101.” The videos will cover the pipeline process from start to finish, and highlight the need for energy infrastructure.

America’s natural resources can help the country meet its energy needs. From providing modern cooking facilities, to heating our homes, to the now-basic necessity of electricity, domestic energy is critical to the American way of life and a strong economy. But in order to utilize these great resources, we must be able to safely transport product. Pipelines are the safest, most efficient method of transporting products such as oil and natural gas. In addition, pipelines provide millions of dollars in tax revenue and create well-paying jobs.

These benefits are remarkable, but pipelines are not built overnight. They are carefully planned and evaluated before final approval. Check out this short clip for more on the benefits of pipelines and their vital role in fueling our nation.

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