GAIN Member Highlights Benefits of Texas Pipelines

Last week, Texas Pipeline Association President Thure Cannon was published in the San Antonio Express-News.  The piece noted the importance of pipeline infrastructure for domestic energy production and transportation as well as the benefits to national security from increased access to American-produced energy.  It also stressed the benefits to Texas of increased investments in pipeline infrastructure.

As Thure pointed out in the piece:

Our state boasts a modern oil and gas industry better positioned than ever to be a global leader and a domestic economic driver. The United States is producing record-breaking amounts of crude oil and natural gas, and has cemented its status as the world’s leading producer. That’s good news for our economy, our security and our future.  But we need to be mindful that a lack of pipeline infrastructure can put a cap on the industry’s impact by making it more difficult for resources to make it to consumers, trading partners and manufacturers.

If Texas is going to maintain its modern energy dominance, expanded pipeline infrastructure has to be part of the equation. Policymakers at all levels of government would do well to consider this as they chart our path forward.

Click here to read the entire San Antonio Express-News piece.

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