GAIN Statement on President Trump’s Permian Basin Visit

President Trump will be visiting the Permian Basin in West Texas tomorrow along with a stop at Double Eagle Energy in Midland, Texas. The President is expected to give remarks on American energy including the Administration’s efforts to reduce regulation, streamline permitting, and stimulate private energy infrastructure buildout.

President Trump’s visit to the Permian Basin, one of the country’s most important natural gas and oil production formations, follows a tumultuous period in the industry that has been defined by the COVID-19 pandemic and battered by global market volatility.

Below is a statement that can be attributed to me, Craig Stevens, spokesman for the GAIN Coalition:

“President Trump’s leadership in U.S. energy development and distribution has allowed our country to reset the balance of global energy dominance in our favor. Unfortunately, there are those who want to see our nation shut in its natural resources which would harm our economy and make us reliant on foreign sources of energy, giving an upper hand to nations like Russia, Venezuela, and Iraq. For our economy to thrive, we need U.S. natural gas and oil and the Permian Basin in Texas is rich in both commodities. These vast resource reserves desperately need adequate infrastructure so projects – like the Permian Highway Pipeline – are critically important to ensure U.S. energy can get to market safely and efficiently. By expanding the state’s energy infrastructure network, the country can continue to improve its energy and national security, and provide domestic customers and foreign allies with needed energy resources.”

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