New Poll Finds Americans Recognize Importance of Natural Gas and Oil

The American Petroleum Institute (API) highlighted recent polling by Morning Consult that underscores Americans are putting common sense over ideology when it comes to American energy, and broadly recognize its important role in our nation’s future.

API points out key findings from the poll:

  • 59% believe the world will use more energy in 2050 than it does now. Majorities of Democrats, Independents and Republicans believe more energy will be needed to heat and cool buildings, run electrical appliances, travel, grow crops and more.
  • 73% agree that natural gas and oil will be part of the energy mix for decades to come and should be included in the country’s energy policies. Majorities of Democrats, Independents and Republicans agree.
  • 73% believe the natural gas and oil industry should be allowed to participate when governments are considering energy and environmental policies. Again, Democrats, Independents and Republicans agree.
  • 55% believe private-sector scientists and experts will do better than the government in solving the issue of climate change. Just 22% believe the government will do a better job than the private sector.

It is paramount that these views help guide and inform our elected decision-makers when it comes to American energy policy. While developing alternative energy resources is important progress, the cornerstones of American energy – oil and natural gas – will continue to play a critical role for decades to come.

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