Thanksgiving Made Possible Thanks to Oil & Gas

Spending time with our loved ones this Thanksgiving is only a possibility with oil and gas. From driving or flying to a family member’s house, to cooking the turkey that’s served on Thanksgiving; oil and gas give us the opportunity to celebrate this holiday with the ones we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts. Despite consistent attacks from environmentalists and the Biden administration, oil and gas continue to support our nation’s infrastructure, economy, and the ability to celebrate this American tradition.

As this Thanksgiving is set to be one of the busiest in history for air travel, traditional energy will be responsible for fueling airplanes for an estimated 30 million travelers. Thanks to U.S. energy, millions of Americans can reconnect with family members. 49 million Americans are estimated to be driving this holiday, the majority using vehicles that are run by oil and gas, nonetheless. Besides transportation, oil and gas help bring the holiday’s food traditions to life. Farming and keeping food fresh are dependent on oil and gas, from the fertilizer, irrigation, harvesting to the shipping and insulation of goods.

Poor oil and gas development policies by the Biden administration intend to maim and derail the very industry that facilitates the celebration of Thanksgiving. The administration’s hostile energy policies are driving prices, specifically food and transportation costs, hampering the ability for Americans to enjoy this holiday season.

Following last year’s record high prices for Thanksgiving meals that cost Americans $64.05 per 10-person family, prices marginally decreased to $61.17, still extremely high compared to previous years. In 2019, families paid as little as $48.91 for their Thanksgiving feasts. The high costs can be attributed to high inflation rates, largely driven by the administration’s short-sighted energy policies.

The last thing Americans should worry about is if they can afford to see family this holiday season. These policies and attacks on oil and gas by the Biden administration continue to exacerbate high prices and burden Americans that are trying to enjoy spending time with their families. Oil and gas development is crucial in reducing costs and helping Americans navigate the effects of inflation. Everyone deserves to celebrate Thanksgiving, not just U.S. elites.

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